Empowering Learning with a Leading Management System

Advanced Academic Administration Management Solutions

The 'Michlol' system is an all-inclusive digital solution for the academic management of higher education institutions. Our solution is based on the most advanced technologies and years of experience amassed by leading content experts.

Training Management Software

The 'Michlol' training management system is the most comprehensive and advanced solution available in Israel for managing training divisions in large organizations, including knowledge management, online learning, resource management and qualifications.

Effective management and assessment of students’ academic learning and staff training
Consolidated or delegated learning management
Online learning management
Easy and simple interfacing with other organization systems
Improves the effectiveness of all organizational management processes
Systematic and comprehensive organization management while integrating extensive datasets
Optimizes intra-organizational processes as well as processes with outside entities
Streamlines the decision-making process within the organization via segmented reports, feedback, surveys and other advanced tools
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